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"Finding SmartMortgage was a stroke of good luck. Real estate transactions are so complicated these days that parties need a mortgage company they can trust to do a good and thorough job. That's what they did."

- David S.
( Closed a jumbo purchase loan in March 2016 )

“In the beginning, I was apprehensive to refinance my home with an online company that did not have a brick and mortar building located near my home. I investigated if there were any complaints or any unscrupulous business practices. But after the thoughtful, thorough, helpful, experience I can recommend…their services were smooth and very helpful.”

~ Anthony ~

“Spoke with Mark Anderson at today about possibly getting an FHA mortgage in the future. He knew I wasn't in the position to buy currently but took the time to answer all of my questions and offer guidance. It's nice to know that there are people/companies out there that still believe in customer service. When it's time for me to purchase, I will be contacting Mark for assistance.”

~ Michel ~

“I had a great experience with Mark. I appreciated the focused personal attention he provided in helping me through my first ever mortgage application. He was patient with my questions and allowed me my time. Besides providing me a competitive rate, it was the ability to explain everything in a easy manner that made a big difference to me. He closed everything by timelines he had provided and my closing costs were significantly lower than estimated.”

~ Miranda ~

“I don’t even look at other rates when going through this process now, I just seek out Mark and I trust that he will give me the best possible deal and come through with it and make it incredibly easy."

~ Sonora ~