It’s no secret that in order to sell your home you should depersonalize it first so potential buyers will not feel like they’re intruding. But there are a few home trends that you should look out for in 2018 that you can take advantage of when selling your home.

Color In The Kitchen

Gone are the days of all cold, stainless steel. While that feature will (probably) never go out of style as stainless steel offers kitchens a clean, sleek look, color is making its way back into kitchen. When you think of color in the kitchen, your mind may go back to the bright, often gaudy colors of the 1950s but we don’t mean go overboard on the color.

A colorful piece or two in the kitchen will give it a warm touch and show buyers the potential of the space. Especially if you embraced the white-on-white style, this will give the place some much needed color.

Go Minimalist

Gone are the days of ornate furniture, over-the-top crown moldings, and heavy Tuscan-esque design. Take out all of that clutter and go minimal. Not only does this make the space look more open, but gives prospective buyers the ability to properly see the space without a bunch of clutter and heavy furnishings blocking their view. Going minimalist when selling your home will also make the home look clean and put together.

No Stencils Or Wallpaper

Let’s face it, stenciling and wallpaper is out—especially if the stencil is your generic “Live, Laugh, Love” and the wallpaper bold patterned. If your home has stenciling or wallpaper on the walls, it’s a good idea to remove them before showing. The reason being, these are very personal touches and don’t sit well with most buyers who don’t want to go to the trouble removing them themselves.

Remove the wallpaper and stenciling and paint the home in a neutral color. Buyers prefer this since it is easier to imagine themselves in the home and how they will personalize it themselves.

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