In this modern age of smartphones and many services moving online for convenience and speed, customers expect to find everything online. To accommodate, businesses are putting more and more of the home buying process online, from searching for a home to closing.

digital mortgage applicationseClosings and digital mortgage applications have become more common and are meant to streamline the process. What’s the difference? An eClosing is when a mortgage loan is closed electronically. In contrast, a digital mortgage application is a paperless portal that borrowers can use to apply for a mortgage and upload their documents.

There are many benefits eClosings and digital mortgage applications offer to borrowers:

An improved, convenient loan experience

eClosings and digital mortgage applications offer an improved, more convenient loan experience. Digital mortgage applications are more efficient since they allow borrowers to complete the application piecemeal, adding documents to the secure online portal as needed. Communication with the lender can occur through the portal, highlighting what steps the borrower needs to take next without all the back and forth of resubmitting paper documents. Apply online at to get started.

Reduced risk of missing documents or inaccurate information

To err is to be human, but accuracy is critical when it comes to your financial and mortgage information. Having the correct information is important to establish your account, confirm your income sources, prepare financial documents, and more.

eClosings and digital mortgage applications have the advantage of reducing human error. Guild and Smartmortgage offer Fast Track*, a service to streamline employment verification and document collection. Through Fast Track, borrowers need only to provide their bank account and consent. Most of the information required to qualify the applicant can be pulled directly from their banking records, significantly reducing mistakes and the time it takes for borrowers to locate and upload this information themselves.

Sign documents on the go*

Our lives can get busy when we least expect it. eClosings allow borrowers like you to view and sign documents on the go. With eClose, you can review your loan documents once they are released, giving you some time to go over them before you need to sign. After the waiting period is over, you can sign most documents from home, even from a mobile device. Fannie Mae allows any form of e-signature “on an electronic record that is valid under applicable law except audio and video recordings, as long as the signature is attached to or logically associated with the record intended to be signed.”

Mary Ann McGarry, CEO of Guild, states, “Our eClose option combines trusted, user-friendly e-signature technology that is already widely used in the industry and the personal touch Guild is known for in order to offer a better experience.”

Whether your mortgage is done traditionally in person or online, the experienced loan officers at SmartMortgage, a part of Guild Mortgage, stand ready to make applying for a mortgage easy and efficient.

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*Guild’s eClose solution is not available on all loan products. Features of the program, such as the ability to review and electronically sign closing documents prior to the closing appointment, are subject to state and federal laws as well as investor guidelines. Extenuating circumstances may cause delays in the release of closing documents, limiting the borrower’s ability to review and electronically sign documents prior to the closing appointment. Borrowers may wait to electronically sign the documents with an attorney or closing agent present. Borrowers may also opt-out of eClose in favor of signing documents in person. Other terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice.

*Available only for Conventional Conforming loans

The above information is for educational purposes only. All information, loan programs and interest rates are subject to change without notice. All loans subject to underwriter approval. Terms and conditions apply. Always consult an accountant or tax advisor for full eligibility requirements on tax deduction.