Selling your home in the winter can be tricky since there tends to be less of a market and homes sell for less. But don’t let that discourage you! Winter can be a great time to sell your home since many people who buy homes in the winter are more serious about making a deal.

Here are a few tips on how you can sell your home in the winter:

Make A Photo Album

In the cold, dreary weather of winter it can be difficult for potential buyers to see what your home will look like in warmer, sunnier seasons. With that in mind, compile a photo album (it can be traditional or digital) of the home throughout the year.

Be sure to get good photos of the exterior and interior of the home to maximize the potential beauty of your home in spring and summer.

Boost That Curb Appeal

While you can’t control the weather or leaves from blowing into your yard, you can control how it will affect your home’s curb appeal. Yes, even in the winter months curb appeal is still an essential part of attracting buyers.

So keep the lawn and landscaping maintained to make your home look good and potentially boost its value.

Light It Up

A bright home is a welcoming home. Opening the blinds and curtains, installing brighter lights (but not too bright! You don’t want visitors to be blinded), and cleaning light fixtures will not only make your home look larger, but brighter. Especially if it has an abundance of natural light flowing in.

Natural lighting will not only make your home look good and save on energy costs, but it will also make its occupants happier.

Keep It Clean

It’s no secret that winter weather can make homes messy with dirty boots, snow, salt and other debris dragged in from the outside, and winter clothes scattered about. So regularly clean your home before and after showings so visitors aren’t turned off by the clutter and dirt and keep a designated area for shoes by the door to prevent tracking.

Keep Seasonal Décor At A Minimum

You may love to deck the halls, but keep it minimal. Too many seasonal decorations like garland and other knick-knacks will prevent viewers from seeing what the home looks like under all that holiday cheer. Instead, opt for neutral, subtle decorations that will show off the space without completely overwhelming the space.

Do Some Home Maintenance

No one likes a cold, drafty house. Winter is a good time to check for drafty doors and windows and making sure that the heating system works correctly. So do some basic home maintenance like sealing doors and windows and getting the home’s systems inspected.

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