When owning a home, expect to make repairs throughout your time there. Some repairs you can do on your own but other jobs require the experience of a professional. Always have an emergency home repair fund available to you to cover not only general repairs, but emergencies like flooding.

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Keeping your home repaired will go a long way in keeping your home value up and making it easier to sell if you decide to do so.

Hire A Professional For:

professional or DIY home repairAlways hire a professional when it is a job you cannot do yourself, is dangerous, and requires a certified professional. In some cases, DIY-ing a repair can cause you to lose the warranty on an appliance or cause damage to the home. Always hire a professional for these home repair tasks and remember to do your research and ask for proof of insurance and certifications:


Always hire a professional plumber to install a new tub or pipes, and fix issues like water leaks, septic tank leaks, and sewer line breaks. They are trained and qualified to do this type of work safely without

Foundation Repair

If the foundation of your home is cracked or sinking you will need to call an expert. Foundation repair is not a task you can perform yourself as it requires tools and knowledge such as wall supports and lifting the foundation.

Electrical Wiring

We’re not talking about changing out a lightbulb or installing a new outlet. If the home’s electrical wiring needs an overhaul, you will need a trained and certified electrician to perform the task safely.

Tree Removal

Have a dead tree on your lawn? Call a tree care professional to get it removed. Tree removal is a dangerous job, with 2 tree care professionals being severely injured or killed every three days! Pulling a tree up by a chain with your truck can cause damage to the car, property, and nearby onlookers. Hiring an insured, certified professional ensures that the tree is safely removed.

Things You Can DIY Around The Home:

Not everything in the home requires the care of a professional. In many cases, you can take on repairs yourself without damaging the home.

Changing Air Filters

Changing the air filters in your home is easy and does not require the service of a professional. Simply find the filter in your home furnace and intake, check its number, and replace the filter with the same model. Easy!

Simple Repairs & Installations

Unclogging drains, fixing a running toilet, or installing new lighting fixtures are all simple repairs and installations that you can do yourself. If you experience leaking or flooding, call a professional.

Checking Circuit Breakers

Did your power go out? Go to the circuit breaker in your home and reset it. If it does not reset or stay in the “on” position it may need to be replaced, in which case you may want to call a professional to diagnose the problem. The breaker box is also where you will turn off the electricity to parts of your house when you perform work like removing an appliance

Patching Drywall & Repairing Holes

It sounds intimidating, but patching holes in drywall is often a simple task. You can buy DIY kits at hardware stores and these will come with step-by-step instructions.

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