When you buy a home, you know that you need a good credit score, will be more likely to seal the deal if you buy in cash, among other things. While having a good financial situation is definitely a perk, it’s not everything you need to appeal to a homeowner selling their home.

Be Serious About Your Offer

You may be in love with that home you saw on vacation, but refrain from putting an impulsive offer on it. Buying a home on impulse can cause regret down the line and sellers need you to be serious about your offer. You don’t want to discover you can’t afford it or it’s not as great as you thought. If the seller decides you’re the best deal and you weren’t serious, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

Before putting an offer on a home, make sure you can afford it and that it’s right for you. It’ll save everyone a headache and the seller will appreciate your seriousness.

Write an Offer Letter

This tactic may seem strange, but writing an offer letter could secure the home you’ve been eyeing. Buyers who write an honest letter to sellers tend to be more likely to have the home sold to them than buyers who did not—especially if your offers were very similar.

Remember, you are purchasing someone else’s home and they want to make sure that whoever buys it will take care of it. A letter can help the seller get to know you and feel confident that you’re the right choice. Be honest and talk about what you love about the home and that you look forward to starting a new life there.

Be Flexible

There’s nothing worse than a buyer who won’t budge on their offer or timetable. If the seller decides you’re the best offer for their home and something happens like the closing is pushed back, don’t throw a tantrum. Instead, understand why the situation happened and work with the seller and real estate agent to make sure everything is in order. In these situations, patience is a virtue that will appeal to the seller.

Imperfect Credit?

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