Selling your home is a monumental task—especially if you are forgoing a real estate agent and selling on your own (Hint: We recommend hiring a professional real estate agent!). While you want to sell your home through traditional listings, social media may help your home find a buyer faster.

Here are some tips to help you sell your home on social media.

Take Lots Of (Good) Pictures

Social media is very visual, with pictures typically getting more hits than words alone. So taking good pictures of the inside and outside of your home will go a long way in attracting leads. Good photo-taking rules include:

  • Using natural lighting, not flash
  • Shooting from a corner or the doorway
  • Staging the home to look its best

Showing off your home with excellent pictures that highlight your home is one of the best ways to attract attention and draw viewers to set up appointments to tour your home. It’s also recommended to use photo-editing software to make your pictures clearer and brighter, removing unsightly shadows.

Get Descriptive

While pictures are well and good, it goes without saying that the description of the home needs to have good detail too. Saying “2 story, 3 bed, 2 bath home for sale” is not descriptive and unlikely to get any hits. Instead, describe the primary features of the home and the property in a compelling way. Zillow recommends using words like “captivating,” “stainless,” and “landscaped” to help add value to your home listing and attract buyers.

Avoid using all caps. It’s hard to read and makes it look like you’re yelling.

Run A Social Media Ad

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can purchase an ad to run on a social media platform to advertise your home to a specific area. To do this, you will have to create a business profile as many platforms will not allow you to run an ad otherwise.

If you prefer not to create a business profile, check with your real estate agent to see if they will run your house posting on their pages to generate leads.

Be Honest

Finally, it is imperative that you be honest in your description of the home and other information like disclosures. In doing so, you will be establishing yourself as trustworthy and avoiding potential lawsuits.

Remember, if a potential buyer asks you a question about the home, be it about deaths, environmental hazards, or water damage, you are obligated to tell them the truth.

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