A second mortgage, also known as a home equity loan, is a mortgage that is secured against your property. Second mortgages in KC are primarily used when you need a lot of cash to cover an expense like home repairs. Just like when you applied for your first mortgage in KC, you must be able to finance it. You may not be able to get a second mortgage in KC if you have:

Pros of a Second Mortgage

If you are able to obtain a second mortgage in KC, you can use the extra money for:

Home Improvements

Not only are some home improvements tax deductible, but they can also bring up the value of your home. The cost can vary based on the condition of the home and what is being improved. Usually whatever you improve, it will be worth it in the long run.

Avoiding Private Mortgage Insurance

If you are looking to buy a new house, a second mortgage in KC can be used as a piggyback loan. Piggybacking two mortgages in KC can help you avoid PMI and help finance the down payment.

Cons of a Second Mortgage

While the pros of a second mortgage are great, it has its disadvantages too. Namely:

If you don’t pay back the loan, you can lose your home. In addition, since this second loan is second in priority to your main loan, fees and rates will be higher. The closing costs of a second mortgage are usually 3-6 percent of the loan amount. Compare that to about 2-5 percent for a main loan.

Also, only use the funds you get from a second mortgage on big payments like home improvements. Don’t use it on luxury items like a vacation. You don’t want to risk losing your home because you used the money on frivolities.

Interested In A Second Mortgage?

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The above information is for educational purposes only. All information, loan programs and interest rates are subject to change without notice. All loans subject to underwriter approval. Terms and conditions apply. Always consult an accountant or tax advisor for full eligibility requirements on tax deduction.