Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our minds are filled with eating good food and spending quality time with those we love. In-between menu planning and preparing for the big day, don’t forget to keep your home and guests safe.

Follow these four tips for keeping your home safe this Thanksgiving:

holiday safetyClean up the yard

Have a Thanksgiving tradition of throwing around the football in the yard or having a fire pit? Clean up the yard before company comes to get rid of stray sticks and other debris to prevent injuries. Removing debris will also help ensure that there are no accidental fires.

Not only will your lawn be safe, but it will also look great!

Practice good health and hygiene

In the era of COVID, practicing good health and hygiene is more important than ever. In the kitchen and out, keep hands washed and avoid cross contamination by using separate cutting boards and utensils for raw meats and veggies.

Have plenty of disposable tissues and hand sanitizer available and encourage guests to use them.

Stay in the kitchen when cooking

When cooking the Thanksgiving feast, stay in the kitchen. This will prevent food from overcooking and allow you to respond quickly to burns or possible fires. In the case of a stove fire cover the flames with a metal lid or cookie sheet, turn off the heat, and leave the cover on until it has completely cooled. For smaller fires that are manageable, pour baking soda or salt to smother the flames. Never use flour. Alternately, you can use a fire extinguisher to douse larger flames, but it’s always a good idea to have 911 ready to call just in case.

Speaking of fire, be sure to check your home’s smoke alarms to make sure that they’re working.

Review your homeowner’s insurance

Before you purchase your home, you should always get homeowner’s insurance to help cover your home and property in case of damage. It can also help protect you from liability claims if there is an accident or injury on your property.

If you find that your family has outgrown your home, or you need some more space to entertain, (larger kitchen anyone?) you might want to talk to a loan officer  to see if you are in a financial position to purchase a new one. You may be able to afford a larger space to host your holidays next year.

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