To Adrian and his staff,

What can I say? I have a house. What I cannot seem to get over is how easy it all was. I should mention that I did not even meet Adrian until we sat down to close on the house. Before then, we had communicated often for two months. A mortgage lender treated me like a friend for two months. Is that normal? I was very busy and out of town for work often. I was very difficult to make contact with. If this was ever a frustrating or stressful aspect of our dealings, he never expressed it. In fact, he and his staff did everything needed to keep the process moving forward smoothly. That included informing me immediately when more information was needed. They even worked around my schedule, getting information for me when I was unable to retrieve it myself. Let me emphasize the word staff. Several others from Cornerstone were very helpful and every bit as efficient in processing the information needed to get me to closing. It all went so smoothly, we beat the closing date by nearly two weeks. After going through the process and considering what to say for feedback, I realized what would have been important to me in choosing a lender. I would have wanted to save money, of course, but after experiencing the dedication from Adrian and others at Cornerstone I feel better prepared post-fact. I was lucky and was knowledgeably referred to Adrian. He is all over the place. More specifically, he doesn’t miss a thing and if there is anything that might help you in any way he is generally one step ahead. You will not be missing information needed for you to close, you will be kept very well informed, and all your better interests will be taken fully into consideration, especially your finances. I could not be happier with how everything turned out. I’ll also mention that these things all apply to anyone at Cornerstone that was involved in my loan.

Thank you Adrian and thank you Cornerstone,
Earl Colvin
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