Even if you run an honest and productive KC mortgage company, the nature of your product or service can bias people’s opinions of your brand. Just by dealing with the sensitive nature of loaning and borrowing money, mortgage companies can have a difficult time maintaining a good reputation. If your business’s reputation is struggling, it’s time to think outside the box by:

  • Making your business more human
  • Going green inside and out
  • Expanding your customer service initiatives

Make Your Business More Human

A faceless KC mortgage company can be intimidating to existing and potential clients. One of your top priorities should be working towards giving your brand a personal touch. Charities and public events are a great way to show your community that you care about more than just your profit margins.

In addition, employees each have their own identity to add to your KC mortgage company’s overall persona. Create and share articles, videos, and photos that your employees will enjoy and share on their social media outlets. This is a great way to publicize your business’s friendly approach to office culture.

Go Green Inside And Out

If you haven’t “gone green” already, your KC mortgage company is missing out on some serious opportunities. Not only do Kansas and Missouri have several tax deductions in place for businesses that use renewable energy, but in many cases green practices lead to cheaper gas bills. Not all green incentives are monetary. Green workplaces lead to a healthier workplace for employees with respiratory conditions and your company’s overall public perception will likely improve from respecting the environment.

Expand Your Customer Service Initiatives

Much of customer service these days takes place on social media. If your customers are trying to contact you through Facebook or Twitter, it’s important to respond on these outlets as soon as possible. Not only will the customer in question appreciate your fast response, but these comments are often public and will influence others who visit your KC mortgage company’s page.

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