Everyone in the real estate business knows the landscape is always changing, but luckily we have the internet to help us keep up with what’s happening. However, with so many random websites publishing content today, it’s difficult to know which sources provide reputable and accurate information. Therefore, here are our top trusted online resources for Kansas City mortgage companies and their agents.

Government Organizations

Many prospective homeowners rely on government-backed loans or federally-related mortgages; therefore, it’s important for Kansas City mortgage companies to know what is happening in government real estate organizations. While these websites don’t provide the most flash and pizazz, government organizations for real estate, loans, and mortgages are most likely to give accurate information. These websites provide useful points for both lenders and borrowers. Here are some of the most comprehensive websites to reference at your Kansas City mortgage company:

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

HUD hosts dozens of government programs dedicated to real estate, home loans, and mortgages, including the popular resource, FHA. Their website provides general information on their programs as well as day-to-day news in the market. While this website provides extensive information, it is easy to get lost on their website. Therefore, it is best to go directly to the pages you need. The most useful informational pages for agents from Kansas City mortgage companies are:

US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA):

If you have a client who is eligible for a VA loan, the VA website offers valuable resources for all types of applicants. While Kansas City mortgage companies can find useful information on this website for their agents, the majority of content is written for prospective home and business owners. It is best used as a referral resource by loan officers.

Private Organizations

Of course, not all loans go through the government and it’s important to have resources that cover all of your bases. While it can be more difficult to know which online information is reliable through private organizations, we’ve assembled some dependable websites for Kansas City mortgage companies.

Zillow is a well-known real estate database for lenders and borrowers. In fact, they have blogs specifically made for each group. Their professional blog covers the latest tips, courses, and news for Kansas City mortgage companies and agents while their general blog offers the same resources for less experienced people. In addition, this site opens discussion between both groups through their extensive forums.

Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc:

While Zillow and other private organizations offer a more general overlook of the real estate market, Cornerstone’s blog provides information dedicated specifically to mortgage companies in Kansas City. In addition, the website offers careers to prospective loan officers as well as a free newsletter for those who wish to receive the latest real-estate information but are not accustomed to finding information online.

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