When a potential buyer walks through your home, you want to give them the best impression possible. Staging your home is your opportunity! Take this time to present your home in the best possible light through cleaning, redecorating, and more.

Here are six tips for staging your home for sale:

1) Take professional photos

home staging tipsBefore buyers step foot into your home, they will look at photos online. These photos will be the first impression of your home, and you will want to wow them! Consider hiring a professional photographer who has experience in staging and photographing interiors. Your real estate agent may also have a photographer on staff or have photography experience themselves!

2) Have good lighting

Good lighting during a home tour is a great way to show the home’s potential. Amp up the wattage and switch out dimmer, older bulbs for more energy-efficient LEDs. For a warm and welcoming look, open the blinds to let in natural lighting.

3) Show off the home’s best features

Does your home have some great storage or a cozy finished basement? Show it off! Showing your home’s best features can help it stand out from the competition.

4) Depersonalize the home

Buyers want to see themselves living in the home so take the time to depersonalize. Depersonalization means removing personal items like family photos, pet supplies, and children’s toys.

5) Clean up the outside for the best curb appeal

When the buyers drive up to your home for a tour, wow them with the curb appeal! Clean the sidewalks, remove mold or mildew from the siding, and set out some potted flowers. If there are branches and other green waste, remove them.

6) Keep the home clean

Even if you’re no longer living in the home, keep it clean in-between showings—especially during open houses. Buyers don’t want to walk through a dirty home, as they’ll think about all the cleaning they’d have to do and possible problems hiding underneath.

In general, highlight your home’s strengths, downplay the weaknesses and appeal to the largest pool of buyers.

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