Selling your home? Before you prepare your home for sale, there are several easy home improvements that can help add value to your home and attract buyers.

Clean Up Your Landscape

No one likes an ill-kept yard. Not only does it look bad, but it can turn away potential buyers. A well-landscaped home will make your home look clean and make for good pictures when it comes time to post your listing to real estate sites.

Cleaning up the yard, patching walkways, and applying a fresh layer of paint will go a long way in helping add value to your home and attracting buyers.

Give The Kitchen & Bathroom a Facelift

Do your cabinets have stains or different hardware? Perhaps the colors are out of date and reminiscent of olden times. Giving the kitchen and bathrooms a facelift will help improve your home’s value and make the home look more modern. You don’t even have to start from scratch: simply painting the walls and cabinets, and updating sinks and hardware can go a long way in making these rooms look like new.

Update Your Home’s Lighting

Updating your lighting isn’t as hard as you think. Simply changing fixtures to more modern designs and energy efficient bulbs will help add value to your home while lowering the utility bill. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Deep Clean Your Home

First impressions matter. When visitors walk in, you want them to notice how clean and bright your home is. While a regular cleaning can achieve this, there are always parts of the home that we miss or ignore, which is where deep cleaning comes in.

Deep cleaning your home is more than just vacuuming and wiping down the counters—you will be decluttering, cleaning in and around appliances (you’ll be surprised at how much better your kitchen will smell when the refrigerator seal is cleaned), and freshening up the furniture.

Deep cleaning can take several days, so be patient. To make it more manageable, enlist the help of family and friends and take it one room at a time. A clean home is more likely to attract buyers and help snag you a few extra dollars.

Care For Your Windows

When was the last time you gave thought to your home’s windows? If you’re like most people, you clean and inspect them when you remember to which can be months or even years. Inspect your windows for any air or water leakage, which can raise your utility bill and promote the growth of mold inside the home.

Also ensure that your windows can easily open and close, have a good sturdy lock, and the frame is secure. This will help ensure that your home is secure and you can easily let in natural light and air, which is a major plus for buyers.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Nothing screams “dated” more than popcorn ceilings. While this type of ceiling is easy to install and helps control sound in a room, it can negatively impact your home’s value and appeal with buyers. Removing popcorn ceilings from your home will give it a modern, clean look and help raise your home value.

Before removing popcorn ceilings, contact a professional to get it inspected—if your home was built in the 1970-1980s, it could contain asbestos. Remember, popcorn ceilings are good at hiding flaws in the ceiling so be sure to repair any you find before you cover your ceiling.

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