Buying and moving into a new home is one of life’s great experiences, especially if you’re buying your first home.

From getting that pre-approval to the “yes!” response on an offer to closing and moving in, every step is exciting. And while the process is engaging and fun, it’s important to prepare for moving day and beyond.

One important part of that preparation involves collecting the basic tools nearly every homeowner should consider having on hand.

The goal is to have the tools you may need to fix or temporarily address the routine issues that homeowners are almost certain to encounter at some point.

toolBelow are nine basic tools you may well want to have on hand as you move into your new home:

Duct tape

It may not be a tool, but it’s an item that most homeowners find extremely handy. Duct tape is strong and features ample adhesive, so it stays in place. Apart from taping together heating and cooling ducts (hence its name) duct tape is a temporary fix for scores of household jobs. It’s simple, tough, effective, and nearly anyone can use it.


Flashlights are one of the handiest tools any homeowner can have on hand. Power outage? Checking under a sink to find the source of dripping water? Changing a lightbulb in a dark basement? Looking for the car keys you dropped at night in the driveway? Walking the dog at night? You’ll need a flashlight. As flashlights are extremely useful and a must-have item in situations such as power outages, you may want to purchase a higher quality one, as well as extra batteries. Also, consider wall-mounted rechargeable flashlights.


Probably one of the most used tools in most homes, you’ll need a hammer to hang pictures, tap a section of molding into place, remove hinge pins from doors, and countless other tasks. Have one medium-sized claw hammer (which can be used for hammering and removing nails) on hand.


Whether you’re assembling a bookcase or removing doors to paint your new home, screwdrivers are something you can count on needing regularly. Consider buying a set of at least four, including both flat and Phillips head screwdrivers in multiple sizes.

Socket set

A socket wrench is extremely useful for loosening or tightening bolts. A very basic 25 or 30-piece socket set will include common sockets that snap into place on a driver (handle) and an extender, which can help access hard-to-reach bolts.

Remember, always exercise care when using tools. Never hesitate to contact a professional.

A small step ladder

There are many reasons homeowners will need a step ladder. Easily stored in a garage, basement, or closet, this handy accessory is a must for painting, replacing light bulbs, cleaning ceiling fans or windows, hanging drapes and hundreds of other uses. A six-foot step ladder is plenty for most tasks around the house. Warning: falling from ladders is one of the most common – and dangerous – household accidents. Exercise extreme caution when using a ladder, and follow all safety instructions.

A tape measure

This small, long-lasting, simple-to-use tool is exceptionally handy. Every homeowner at some point needs to measure a window for new drapes, curtain rods or blinds, determine how large a table will fit in their kitchen, or measure the width of a door to see if that new couch can get through the front door. A tape measure can last for years and is endlessly handy.

Utility knives

Ideal for opening heavy-duty packaging, scraping paint drippings off windows, and countless other tasks around the home, a utility knife will come in handy for a variety of jobs. These knives feature razor-sharp heavy gauge blades, ideal for tough cutting tasks you will likely face regularly. Handle utility knives with extreme care!

Vice grips

A multi-use tool, vice grips can be used as pliers or temporary clamps. They give users more leverage and a tighter grip than many pliers, making them ideal for homeowners who lack iron grip strength. Vice grips are a useful tool for “in the pinch” jobs, such as loosening a stuck or stripped bolt.

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