Are you planning to put your home on the market? If so, it may be worth considering a pre-sale inspection. While it may sound like an added hassle and expense, having a thorough inspection of your home before listing can be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

Not only can it highlight important repairs that need tackling in order to ensure a smooth sale process and price negotiation; but ultimately it can save you time, money and stress too!

Pre-sale inspections help prevent legal claimsbuyer confidence

While pre-sale inspections of homes aren’t required in many states, they are highly encouraged. As the seller, you must disclose certain things about a home like lead, asbestos, and structural issues. Pre-sale inspections help prevent legal claims, even if sold “as is.”

Pre-sale inspections build buyer confidence

Buyers appreciate sellers who are upfront about any problems a home may have. Listing any issues found during the inspection will let buyers carefully consider their choices and whether they will take on a home needing repairs.

If they are, they can prepare themselves and their finances accordingly.

What if my pre-sale inspection gets poor results?

If your pre-sale inspection determines that there are some repairs to be made, don’t worry! Think of this as an opportunity to make your home a more attractive investment by proactively fixing issues. As such, the selling process can go faster—just remember to share the results with the buyer.

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