The home buying experience can be an overwhelming experience that can be exhilarating, fun, stressful and exhausting. The process of securing a mortgage, successfully bidding on a home and completing the transaction can be lengthy, complex and involve seemingly endless professionals.

Those professionals may include a buyer’s agent, a loan officer, a home inspector, title company personnel, a city official in charge of occupancy permits, surveyors and more.

Many buyers think of their real estate agent as their “go to” person in the process. And for good reason. The process is about finding and purchasing a home, and skilled real estate agents are adept at finding the right home for the right price for buyers.

But don’t underestimate the value of your loan officer. Many buyers may not realize it, but a loan officer may well be a home buyer’s best ally from start to finish during the buying officer

What do loan officers do?

Your loan officer will work closely with you to:

    • Assess your credit score, income and financial position to determine an appropriate loan amount for you
    •  Identify which type of loan and loan term is best for you
    • Work as the liaison between you and the lender throughout the loan origination process
    • Ensure all paperwork – and in the case of mortgages there is a substantial amount – is completed properly and on time
    •  Catch and correct any misunderstandings, miscommunication, or glitches that may arise throughout the process

Your loan officer should be a key member of your “team”

SmartMortgage loan officers provide all the above services – and more – to our clients. They’re trained, experienced, highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping every client through what can be a challenging process. Remember, our loan officers work on mortgages every day. You may go through the mortgage process a handful of times in your life, but our loan officers are professionals who do this every day. They know every detail in the process; they’ve seen everything and they know how to resolve every issue.

That’s why your SmartMortgage loan officer should be your “go to,” number one ally throughout the mortgage and home buying process.

SmartMortgage loan officers go above and beyond

Remember, you may run into obstacles in the mortgage and home buying process for which you never could have prepared. These challenges can at least add to the stress and confusion of the process, or at worst cost thousands of dollars or sink a purchase.

When you’re facing the unforeseeable, it’s important to remember your SmartMortgage loan officer has built a network of professionals who she or he knows are outstanding at what they do, have impeccable reputations and a commitment to client service that matches their own.

You can rely on your SmartMortgage loan officer through every step of the process. Your loan officer is committed to helping you and to being your best resource during an exciting but stressful time!

Talk to an experienced loan officer if you are considering the purchase of a home 

The loan officers at SmartMortgage have experience in supporting countless buyers seeking conventional and innovative financing for homes. Regardless of your situation, our loan officers will support you from application to closing and are ready to help you. Contact us today and get the professional advice and service you need.

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