Whether your company is not meeting it’s quota goals or you want to raise the bar after a successful year, a new Kansas City mortgage company can always benefit from a little friendly advice. Improving employee productivity is an essential step to your company’s overall success and growth.

Boost Employee Morale

Improved employee morale goes hand in hand with better productivity. One common mistake that a hierarchical Kansas City Mortgage company can make is to only give powerful incentives to management. While the best managers are great motivators, it’s important for upper management and CEOs to not neglect lower level employees. Examples include:

  • Creating opportunities for face-to-face communication between tiers, stressing the need for everyone’s input with phrases such as, “We want/need your help with ‘x’”
  • Recognizing good work with casual gestures such as saying “Good job!” or formal gestures such as official achievement awards

The last step may be the most difficult: proactively addressing employee feedback. Of course, not everyone’s wishes can come true, but subtly drawing attention to the changes you make will strengthen your employees’ knowledge that their opinions matter.

Know How Your Employees Work

While cubicles are an efficient way to divide office space, they are often the least effective layout option. Creativity and productivity can be stifled if an employee’s personality and work ethic does not fit their surroundings. Experiment with different office spaces and pay attention to how employees respond and interact.

  • Do they gravitate towards communal work spaces or their own private desk?
  • Do they use dry erase boards or paper and pens to communicate ideas visually?

The answers to these types of questions can attribute to a more effective office layout, which leads to a more productive Kansas City mortgage company.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

Sometimes the easiest way to stimulate employees is randomly rewarding them or giving them an unusual (but not impossible) challenge. Don’t be discouraged if your first idea or two does not work the way you intended; this is why it’s important to combine new ideas with the proven strategies listed above. Take a little time out of your work week to brainstorm new potential motivators, and you may find yourself becoming more productive.

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