Lenders and real estate agents work hand-in-hand to provide buyers with an excellent home purchase experience. To do this, they must build professional relationships that facilitate success for all parties. As an agent, this is one of the most valuable things you can do for your career. To become an agent that lenders love to work with, follow these tips:

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Demonstrate your knowledge of the mortgage industry

It should go without saying that knowing mortgage industry basics is essential in working with lenders. You will be able to ask the right questions and advocate for your buyer. For example, knowing the typical timeline for closing a loan will help set expectations, and prepare your client.

Show excellent teamwork

To be an agent lenders love to work with, you have to show them that you want to work with them. That means demonstrating excellent teamwork and communication by helping clients close on time, delivering on promises, and returning phone calls and emails on time.

Expand your social media and local presence

Know the area you are working in and expand your presence there. This means local advertisements in papers, on tv, and on social media. Lenders like working with agents that know the area because those agents have a firm grasp of the market and will be able to guide buyers to the best home for them and their budget.

If you are an agent that doesn’t have a website or online presence, get one! A personalized website and social media page are an excellent way to:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the industry through educational content
  • Capture leads
  • Promote your business

Build a genuine connection

Remember that you are building a connection with real people when you work with lenders. These relationships are critical in getting references and knowing who is selling and who is not. Begin networking with others in the industry by going to conventions and continuing education courses. Introduce yourself to others, and be sure to also connect in professional networking groups on social media.

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