You are browsing through your house-hunting apps when you see it: the perfect home.

The photos are beautiful, the description takes you in, and it has everything you are looking for. It even has an open house this weekend!

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Open houses are events that you should take advantage of whenever you can. These events are most often held on weekends to maximize the number of interested parties.

Get A Reality Check

go to open housesWhat you see in the pictures often does not meet expectations or reality. Going to open houses is an easy way to check houses off of your list. Homes that look amazing in pictures can be the victims of strategically taken photos with methods like wide-angle lenses to make a room look better than it is.

Remember, while there is nothing wrong with listing agents taking good, high-quality photos for homes, they should not be misleading.

It will also give you an idea of what you can and cannot afford.

Get To Know Agents In Your Area

Going to open houses is a great opportunity to get to know the agents in your area. Since you will most likely be purchasing from one of them, it is to your benefit to build the beginnings of a personal relationship.

Are the agents you meet professional, accommodating, and willing to answer questions, or are they standoffish and short? Their attitude will show you what you could expect if you come to work with them.

Learn About The Local Market & Neighborhood

Is this a neighborhood you will want to live in? When you go to an open house, take the time to drive around the neighborhood to get a feel for the area. Are amenities like grocery stores and other shopping easy to get to? What about resale value?

If the home is on a busy street or by an undesirable landmark like a water tower, you could find yourself hard-pressed to find a buyer if you do decide to sell down the line.

Go To Open Houses, Even If You Aren’t Looking For A Home

Yes, even if you are not in the market for a home, going to open houses can be beneficial.

Going to open houses will help you learn what not to do when it comes to home design and redoing your home to help boost its value. For example, thinking about adding a mirror wall? The open house a few miles over has one. Did it work in this house? Is it everything you hoped it would be or not?

Open houses are a great resource for buyers and homeowners looking to get an idea of what homes are in an area and understand what they are, or aren’t, seeing in the listing photos and descriptions.

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