There is a vast difference between working with Lee’s Summit mortgage brokers and lenders. Shopping for a home loan can be overwhelming, so it’s important to have someone knowledgeable by your side. Before you decide which kind of professional to hire, you will need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of working with a mortgage broker.

Lee’s Summit mortgage brokers process loans and help homebuyers apply for financing, but they are not actually lenders. Their job is to act as an agent, or middleman, who brings the borrower and the lending company together. Pricing can be just as competitive with a mortgage banker, as long as the broker does not take too much compensation.

Pros of Lee’s Summit mortgage brokers

  • They will do the legwork for you, comparing wholesale interest rates from a large number of banks and lenders.
  • They are required to disclose the yield-spread premium, or their compensation for originating the loan.
  • They generally have access to a larger variety of mortgage options.
  • They follow trends, know what products are available and are aware of which institutions might be offering special discounts.

Cons of Lee’s Summit mortgage brokers

  • Do not guarantee good faith estimates.
  • Some individuals lack the experience and training to complete a deal.
  • May charge borrowers substantial fees for their services.
  • Brokers secure your mortgage for a fee and the better deal they make with the lender, the more they are paid.
  • Sometimes known for luring customers in with low interest rates, and then adding origination points and fees to generate additional income from borrowers.
  • Realtors usually prefer to work with direct lenders, who have full control over a loan.

Keep in mind, any third party involvement can slow down the business process. Having too many hands in the pot can complicate any situation. If you use a broker, your application may be handed off to multiple people before being approved for a loan. This can cause delays in the approval process and a decline in communication with the broker.

If you would rather work directly with the person who will be handling your financing, choosing a lender is the best option for you. Many customers appreciate their ability to efficiently handle and resolve issues that may arise. Contrary to popular belief, many lending institutions offer a wide range of home loans. Private relationship-based companies may have different or better programs than independent agents. Many of these firms also typically close loans faster and on time.

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