It’s time for you to sell your home and list it for sale. You’re excited, but you may be wondering what time of year is best and will get your home the most exposure. Are there really on- and off-seasons? The short answer: yes. If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s generally recommended to put it on the market in the spring so it has a better chance of selling.

Your Home Won’t Get Lost in the Listings

If you list your home for sale before the “sweet spot” in mid-March to mid-April, it can get lost in the listings when other homeowners put own their homes up for sale. When that happens, buyers looking at listing for a home won’t get to yours at the bottom of the list—usually because people won’t go that far back. List your home for sale during the sweet spot to ensure that your home is seen by more people.

Better Home Values

Homes that sell in the spring generally have better home values and sell for more. More people are looking to buy a home and the housing market has a higher supply and demand. Spring is also prime time for families to move. It’s warmer, there’s no extra clean up from ice and snow, and they don’t have to worry about their kids missing class—which is one of the main reasons why the housing market slows down in the fall and winter.

Try to Avoid the Winter

While you can sell your home in the winter, it is a little bit harder since there’s less curb appeal and your home will probably sell for less. But that doesn’t mean that selling your home in winter is a waste of time. There are many people who buy homes in the winter who are more serious about buying and are looking for a good deal.

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