Is your mortgage company veteran friendly? Veterans have unique needs and requirements than civilians, so your mortgage company needs to be able accommodate them respectfully and efficiently. Here’s why you company should be veteran friendly:

Veterans Have Different Needs

Unlike civilian home buyers, veterans tend to have different and more unique needs. For example, the VA has minimum property requirements (MPR’s) that veterans must meet when looking for a home in order to be eligible for a VA loan. A veteran friendly mortgage company will recognize this need and work with veterans to find a home that meets these requirements.

Veterans Choose VA Approved Lenders

Veterans are advised to opt for a mortgage company who is VA approved since they are very familiar with the VA program. These mortgage companies can easily answer any questions a veteran may have regarding the VA loan program, and easily work through any delays in the process.

Veterans Have Limited Time Frames

Because veterans who are still on active duty move often, they need a lender who understands their limited time frame. According to, service members only have 10 leave days to search for a new home, so your mortgage company should understand and accommodate this timeframe. In doing so, you will be helping them find an eligible home and approved for a VA loan quickly and professionally.

Veterans Need Strong Resale Value

Since they move sooner and more frequently than their civilian counterparts, veterans need a home that will have a good resale value and sell quickly. So when they come to you for a VA loan, you can help advise them about the best practices when buying a home like:

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